Everything we touch

Knowing that everything we touch inevitably touches the lives of others, KINRADEN was born as a project of passion for outstanding design and style based on mindful interactions with the world. Our materials are sourced with careful respect for both people and nature and certified to strict sustainability standards wherever possible.


Much of our  jewellery is embedded with black diamond cut Mpingo heartwood from a single FSC-certified wild area in Tanzania, governed by WWF, FSC and other NGO programmes.

The FSC certification has been the most effective and reliable forest certification scheme for the past 20 years. The FSC certification ensures that the wood has been felled in accordance with strict standards for tree felling, pulling out of the forests what the forest itself can yield. In addition, the FSC certification includes strict CSR standards for the workers as well as the community around the forests, ensuring decent wages, safety and working hours.


KINRADEN uses 100% reclaimed precious metals whenever possible. Our metals are derived from recycled jewelry or industrial materials. We have gone to great lengths and spent several years finding the right source and metals.

Working conditions

Every part of every piece have been hand assembled by goldsmiths in Denmark, Germany and Thailand under fair working conditions. The Mpingo diamonds are brought to a brilliant, velvety lustre through traditional diamond cutting techniques. Worn next to your skin this jewellery will continue to grow ever more beautiful with time.

“We want to give fashion and design conscious women a brand new choice: the choice to combine the pleasure of contemporary, high-end designer jewellery with personal values of gentle and sustainable sourcing,” says Sarah Müllertz Gudiksen, Creative Director at KINRADEN.


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