Founding partner and lead designer for KINRADEN is architect maa Sarah Müllertz Gudiksen.

KINRADEN is Sarahs child of passion. It was born as a project of passion for outstanding design based on mindful interactions with the world we all share. “We want to give fashion and design conscious women a brand new choice: the choice to combine the pleasure of contemporary, high-end designer jewellery with personal values of gentle and sustainable sourcing,” says Sarah Müllertz Gudiksen.


Sarah is wearing the ring ”Sometimes Caught”, 925 reclaimed silver, 1 Mpingo diamond (10 mm) and the earring ”Our Lips”, 925 reclaimed silver, 1 Mpingo diamond (6 mm). To be bought in our webshop.

The debut collection was designed by danish designer Vibe Harsløf, based in Copenhagen. Her style is a mix of af rare kind. Vibe Harsløf is known for her imaginative an urban jewellery.

The present collection is a collaboration between the two designers.

KINRADEN, Svanevænget 12, DK - 2100 København Ø, Denmark

+45 2811 7318