KINRADEN is a project of passion, we have been working on for three years, while we have designed and fine-tuned collection down to the smallest detail – and just as importantly, selected the most responsible, sustainable raw material suppliers.

We use FSC certified Mpingo (African Blackwood) instead of real diamonds. Mpingo is one of the world’s toughest, living materials, almost entirely black, extremely hard, and when it is cut it looks like a black diamond. These diamonds are completely “clean” and actually do a lot of good. We have in principle moved the “diamond mine” above the ground, in a FSC certified forest. The forest is a part of “Mpingo Conservation and Development Initiative” in Tanzania and in cooperation with FSC, WWF and other important NGOs.

KINRADENs diamonds come from cutting small pieces that are so small that they can not be used for anything else. By using these pieces, we use the whole tree and there is minimal waste. The project does a lot of good and our diamonds help the locals to improve their living conditions, and in addition, there is a positive effect on the environment.